A Touch of Glass

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It’s the little touches, isn’t it, that make a home?

It’s certainly the approach we take here at Smedson. We try to source not only the best products, the highest quality products, but also products that you’ll want to show off, that you’ll throw dinner parties just to see that appreciative glint in your friends’ eyes.

And why not? You take the same pride in what you use in your home as we do in providing it for you.

Today, we want to have a look at some of the many products that will a touch of class, or rather glass, to special occasions and every day.

We’re particularly proud to offer a beautiful range of products from one of the finest glassware ranges in the world – Spiegelau.

And when we say range, we mean range. There’s everything here, from decanters to cocktail glasses, from specialised glassware for the craft beer enthusiast in your life, to beautiful drinking glasses to suit any kitchen. Feel free to have a browse.

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Here, however, are some of our favourites.

Spiegelau Berries Decanter

There’s just something elegant about a decanter, isn’t there? It makes any room feel as though it’s the drawing room in your version of Downton Abbey. And this beautiful “Berries” decanter is just one of a number of designs that will bring that little something extra to your home.

It’s sleek. It’s chic. And, most of all, it’s top quality.

Spiegelau Salute Red Wine Glasses

Ah, a classic. But nonetheless impressive for it – and currently in our sale, making it even better value for money. Leaving that little bit extra to fill those glasses with something fitting their style.

Spiegelau Authentis Casual All-Purpose Tumblers

And just to prove that the every day glass doesn’t need to lack panache, why not try some of these distinctly useful and still utterly stylish tumblers, perfect for everyday use.

As you’ll see, that’s the just the very tip of the tip of the glassware iceberg here at Smedson. We’re confident that you’ll find something perfect for your needs and your home. And when you do, please let us know in the comments. Or let us know your favourite beverage to serve in your new glasses.