A Very Smedson Mother’s Day


That time of year is upon us once again, the time when we all start racking our brains to come up with something that lets our mothers know: a) that we are thinking of them, b) that they are appreciated and c) yes, we know it was a very difficult birth and that they fed and clothed us for countless years and that they put up with that unfortunate teenage period wherein we communicated primarily in unintelligible grunts.

At Smedson, we’re here to help.

Now, we also know that every mother is different. Our mother is not your mother. Unless, of course, our brother is reading this, in which case, don’t panic, she is your mother and we haven’t been keeping anything from you.

But different mothers require different presents.

If your mother cooks, then, perhaps you could make her life a little easier, with something from our innovative eaziGlide range, including this 3 piece saucepan set, currently on sale:

Eaziglide 3pc Saucepan Set

Easy to use and easy to clean, eaziGlide products are definitely one for the Mum who deserves a break.

Or perhaps something classic from our glassware department might be more to her taste, like this beautiful decanter from Spigelua:

Spigelau Onda Decanter

Whatever your mother’s tastes, we’ve rounded up a selection of our favourite products for a Mother’s Day sale, so you’re sure to find something perfect to help her celebrate her special day.

The Smedson Mother’s Day Sale

In conclusion, here are a few tips for a successful Mother’s Day.
1) Do not take your laundry round at the same time as the present. This is considered poor form.
2) Offer to cook for her. She’ll end up taking over anyway, because, honestly, that is not how you whisk an egg.
3) Make sure you remember before the day. Mothers can sense a last minute present and you’ll have to sit through slides of your 4th birthday party as penance.

4) She’s your Mum. She deserves this.