Cooking with arthritis? No problem!


Keep making the dishes you love with help from eazi®grip’s arthritis friendly range.

If you have arthritis in your hands, the type of kitchen equipment you use can make a big difference to your lifestyle. Heavy items such as pots and pans can be especially cumbersome for delicate hands – which is where our eazi®grip range can help.

Our eazi®grip pans support your wrists, with non-slip silicone handles set at a 42° to help keep them straight. The muscles in your forearms will take on the weight, reducing strain and enabling you to enjoy cooking more.Eazigrip 26cm Saute Pan

Reduce the stress of digging through cluttered cabinets or drawers.

Our saucepans contain inbuilt measuring scales and large and small strainers, meaning less equipment and less washing up!

Don’t wait for your arthritis to get worse – enjoy cooking again and start looking after your hands today with help from eazi®grip.

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