Eazi Like Sunday Morning


Some of us love to cook and some of us just need to eat. Some of us can find our way around the kitchen like the back of our hand and some of us quite can’t remember what we went in there for in the first place.
Either way, there is one thing on which most of us agree and that is that we’d be more than happy for our cooking and meal times to be less stressful and more enjoyable.

Or, to put it another way: Easier.
Now, outside of providing a handy and easy-to-store box full of professional staff, here are some recommendations from the Smedson store that definitely aim to make your life easier – and succeed magnificently.

The eaziFamily is a wide-ranging group of products that have approached kitchenware from a unique design perspective. They approach every new product as a challenge – to identify common problems with which we put up on a daily basis and to set about eliminating them, while still delivering products that look beautiful in your kitchen.

It’s a cunning plan and it’s led to the amazing non-stick properties and durability of the eaziGlide range and the ergonomically-designed, comfort-led eaziGrip range – which also offers a stunning set of kitchen utensils and gadgets to complete your kitchen.

We’re proud to offer both ranges here at Smedson:

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But perhaps we should let the products speak for themselves.