Eaziglide saucepan review – 5 months later.


Review are honest opinions from people not attached to Smedson. Here is a review froma customer who has been using NeverStick for the past few months –

I’ve been using the eaziglide never stick range of products for the last 4-5 months. I must admit I didn’t buy the first saucepan I received. It was a gift from a friend at work who swore by them. I couldn’t understand his excitement over a frying pan but I received it graciously and took it home. It wasn’t till that weekend did I decide to give it a whirl while I was making the Saturday Morning Fry Up. My college had said things like ‘it gets really hot, really quickly and you don’t need oil cos nothing ever sticks, really!’ so I decided to put it to the ultimate test.

I put the pan on the hob, turned it onto a medium heat and started getting the bits from the fridge. I held my hand over the pan (as there was no oil to hear to gauge the temperature) and it was already surprisingly warm. I added the bacon and the sizzle started straight away. I won’t go through all the steps I made to make my breakfast but lo and behold nothing stuck to the pan not even the eggs! To top it of it was a breeze to wipe clean since I didn’t use any extra oil.

I was happy with it’s performance but it’s the same with all these non stick pans. The first time you get it, it’s amazing. 2 months down the line, It’s not so great. Little black bits flake off, the non stick bit’s are sticking and theirs no way you’d fry an egg without oil in it. I decided to continue using the pan for the next few months and really see if it lives up to it’s name, Never Stick.

Fast Fwd 3 months and my eaziglide Never Stick pan is still as good as new and still performing great. I’ve cooked more than just fry ups since then. Stews, soups, stir fry. I’ve noticed that because the food never sticks to the pan the flavor of the food is made more intense. Sounds unbelievable that a pan can make your food taste better but it’s true. I now understand why my work friend was so excited over them. I have since purchased more and very rarely use any other brand to cook. I’ve introduced them to my family who love the results and also how stylish they look (which is another amazing aspect I don’t have time to discuss, yet)

Eaziglide have a number of products including grill pans, casserole and stockpots.  All  products are fully oven safe and come with a life time guarantee! My advice is give them a try. You’ll be happy you did.

The eaziglide coating isn’t just incredibly non-stick: it’s incredibly tough too. The layers of non-stick interlock, creating a system that was found to be up to seven times tougher than conventional non-stick in abrasion tests, so the coating will not flake or lift off. With an aluminium base for superb, even heat conduction and a riveted cast stainless steel handle for extra stability. Suitable for induction hobs and oven safe up to 260°C.

Here is the link to all the eaziglide products on the Smedson website.