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Eazigrip 3 piece Saucepan Set


Holding the pans is more comfortable, as wrists are supported with silicone handles set at a 42°, so that, your wrist automatically stays straight. The muscles in your forearms will support the weight, thereby reducing strain.

A safer, smarter and easier way to cook – with less washing up

Struggle to manage heavy saucepans? Want to keep your children safe as they learn to cook? Our eazi®grip cookware has been scientifically proven to make lifting safer, smarter and easier.

eazi®grip also takes the danger out of pouring and straining. Our pans are the only kind designed to pour forwards like a kettle, with the lid made to stay firmly in place. Liquid is released through two in-built straining filters, which can be adjusted depending on the contents of the pan – whether it’s peas or potatoes. The built strainer and measuring scale mean that you’ll also have less washing up to do.

What’s more, all of our pans come with a lifetime guarantee. 


  • 3 piece stainless steel saucepan set: 20cm, 18cm and 16cm (8″, 7″ and 6″)
  • Easy lift handle and safe pouring spout with unique inbuilt adjustable straining filter
  • 42° handle – scientifically proven to make lifting easier, safer and more comfortable
  • Kettle style pouring lip covered for easy pouring without removing lid
  • Measuring scale inside pan – no need for a jug
  • Riveted cast steel handle with silicone coating for heat protection and superior grip
  • Stainless steel encapsulated aluminium base for excellent heat conduction
  • Suitable for all cookers including induction hobs
  • Dishwasher safe
  • British design
  • Lifetime guarantee


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    Amazing! I received these for my birthday 3 weeks ago and they are now the only pans I use. They making cooking more enjoyable. Thanks Dad & Smedson!

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