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Eazigrip Frying Pan 24cm


An innovative frying pan with an ergonomic design making it easier to lift and carry – as seen at the Ideal Home Show. This Eazigrip Ergonomic Stainless Steel Frying Pan enables you to use the optimal wrist angle making carrying it much easier and more comfortable – ideal if you have wrist pain or arthritis.

Research shows that 42 degrees is the optimum wrist angle for lifting as this gives the tightest grip possible. The handle on this frying pan allows you to use the ‘power grip’ position, using the stronger muscles in the forearm and so takes the strain away from the wrist.

A high quality pan made from strong materials, this frying pan features an aluminum encapsulated base, which ensures even heat distribution and eliminates hot spots for improved cooking. Complete with a close fitting glass lid this dishwasher-safe deep frying pan is ideal for shallow frying and available in two sizes.

Key Features:

  • Lifetime Guarantee.
  • Suitable for all cookers including induction.
  • Easy pour and strain system.
  • Quick and efficient heat distribution.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Oven safe up to 260°C.
  • Riveted stainless steel with silicone grip.
  • Ergonomic 42 degree handles.
  • Power grip position, allows tightest grip possible.
  • Uses strong forearm muscles for ease of use and maximum comfort.


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